Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Christmas was incredible this year. honestly, one of the better, not that every Christmas isn't good, but this one was just exceptional.

Got to spend time with my fam, sean's fam, sean...then it was my birthday (just like every year for the past 24).

New Years is coming up as is a bunch of parties to plan (RELEASE and BEECHPOINT REUNION) and more birthdays to celebrate (YAY Stindall!!), so it's a busy busy time of the year. Plus, working.

I have an interview for David's Bridal today at 2:30, pray i get this job, I need another one, I'm just not making enough to pay all the bills on time, so it would be great to get this one.

Also! UPDATE on SUPPORT RAISING: I finally have all my letters and whatnot done, they are going out TODAY I just have to get the stamps on them and stick them in the mailbox, it's going to be good. Pray that God does some big things through the letters and through my continued efforts to raise support and to develop relationships for the purpose of Beechpoint and its ministry as well as friends for support and encouragement for me personally. I'm excited to see how God is really going to use this time for me to rely on Him for every need that I have.

I hope everyone is doing well. Much love from Michigan/the tundra (did I mention I don't really loove winter...i'm makin it though, no worries)