Thursday, November 11, 2010



.i love you. 

so as you can tell it is sean's birthday today.  WOO HOO...(oh look how fitting - 12:00am).  
On this day (November 12, 1988) Baby Sean entered the world and 22 years later my heart (commence with the oohs and aahs).
We are celebrating by going to Big Bob's Pizza with a bunch of friends and then to my apartment to play games and whatnot, it's going to be a blast.
So. In honor of Sean I will now give a list of the things I love about him.
(sorry this is totally mushy....oh well, you know you like it)
  • The man is loyal, not to a fault, because, well, I don't think it's a bad thing!  He is incredibly wonderful and thoughtful of me.
  • Sean is an INCREDIBLE teacher.  I can't wait til he gets in his own class and can really do his thing! 
  • He is suuuper creative, i think that goes without saying....after all, he painted me a picture of the Philippines when we thought I wouldn't be able to go last year!  Thoughtful + Creative = Sean.
  • He really really cares about his family and people in general.  He doesn't like to hurt feelings, he doesn't like to disappoint, he really values everyone!
  • Sean is such an awesome spiritual leader.  He realllly loves the Lord, loves to learn more about Him, and lead us in prayer.
  • He is so perceptive.  He can tell when there's something wrong and when I'm sad or excited or you name it.  
  • He is soo soo soo incredibly loving.
Well, now that's done, last thing to say is: 
I am a very, very blessed woman.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

.memory lane.

A trip down memory lane today...ok so not too far down memory lane, but still.  

SNEAK PEEK:  my loot for the day.

For the past four years I've gone to the Philippines with Moody Bible Institute's PCM Dept, but more like Papi Nathan and the crew (Ilene, BR Butler, Nora, Eric, and many other friends).  

SOOO now, I've moved to Grand Rapids, away from all of these people (I know i'm being a bit nostalgic) with a common shared experience:  Living and hanging out in the Philippines *2 weeks at a time*.  

...............bottom line....................

I MISS THE PHILIPPINES, but more importantly the people there and friends I go with, and thinking I might not be able to go this year is a bit crushing.  I wish Sean and I could find a way to go, but alas, if it doesn't work out, I have a feeling we'll make it there at some point...soon.  Can't wait too long.

ANYHOW.  So I was searching online for Asian stores to buy a rice cooker - when I have money.   SO I found one called Asian Delight Market.  They have Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Thai foods/flavors.  

So naturally I went to the Filipino section ;) ha.  I found these treasures: 

Palabok is a Filipino dish that we see @ Jollibee (phils mcdonald's)

Banana Sauce = Filipino Ketchup!! - shoulda bought some

MILO!  Chocolatey goodness anyone?

Pancit Canton - one of my first intros to Filipino food! YUuummmYYY.

Overall, it was insane, I walked up and down the aisles looking longingly at all of this awesome food, wishing I were back in the PI.  I miss the friends, the warmth, the faith, the love, and the simplicity of life there.  

Let's go back please? 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Engagement Pics Galore!

So. Here i am. Getting married. TO SEAN.
venue:  Check.
reception hall:  Check.
bridal party:  Check.
dress:  Check.
photographer:  Check.

Here are my favorite pictures of the shoot.  Sandy is an INCREDIBLE photographer. So fun to work with and just such an awesome lady.  We're definitely friends.  :)

So here we go (some of you have probably seen some of these on facebook and Sandy's blog, but maybe there are some new ones too that I definitely liked that didn't make it yet)!!! 

.Our Bikes.

.We love <3 each other.

.hold my hand.

.riding our bikes down Cherry.

.the little storefronts.




.kiss me.

.loving glance.

.under the willow tree.

.walking back.

.stylin shoes.


.a short kiss.

.the bling.



.record player picnic.

.beautiful day.

.we are silly.

.our feet.

.the norm.

.picture kiss.
.framed kiss.

.american gothic.

.all smiles.

.Sean's hug.


.old school lovely poster.

these are some of my FAVORITE engagement pictures.



Thursday, September 23, 2010

4 MILES...GT Pie people...and a Mac!

.an update in categories.  lots of words, no pics, WORTH READING...i hope.

4 Miles. 
Elizabeth Joo Ann Bierlein (soon to be Thelen) has run four miles straight. by straight i'm sort of lying. I did walk in there for like...three minutes, but not bad eh?  I'm only just beginning. 

so as you can tell, my workout routine is becoming just that. A routine.  haven't lost my goal of 30lbs, BUT feeling more toned and more energized.  This counts for something.

maybe someday i'll run a 5k or a 10k or do a sprint tri. that'd be fun.  this habit is really opening up some possibilities here...

GT Pie.
If you work in a customer service type job, you'll know what I'm talking about for this next update. 

SOMETIMES there are customers who you could basically live without and other times there are customers who are just the best people and really BRIGHTEN your day.  

...I had customers in BOTH of those categories today...
I will not divulge about the former, but the latter, I will explain.  

A lady named, well I'll call her K, came in today and she was just so so so happy.  I think she was a little bit older, not super old, but maybe 25 or so.  She comes up to the register where I am holding post and she just starts having the nicest conversation with me.  She attends a nearby college and she is just SO excited about the chance to go to college.  She is telling me how proud of her her family is and how her boyfriend bought her a cute little netbook for doing work on and well, it was SO REFRESHING.  Later I went into the dining room to clean and she was there studying.  She said to me, "wow this sandwich smells so good, i can't wait to eat it. Thank you so much!"  All in all, it was awesome to see her so excited about learning and about life and about people.  She's going somewhere with that attitude.  A great boost to a relatively boring day.

to complain for a sec about the former...we only accept punches on the punch card for pie. not cake. we are the pie company. the end.

but not quite yet: 
I am the proud owner of a little macbook.  i love it dearly. it has already helped me complete a newsletter and numerous other, at one time, time consuming - overwhelming, tasks.  Thank you Apple for your undying devotion to awesome products. 

.the. .end. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Liz and Sean Gettin' Hitched + UPDATES

Here's the wedding countdown for our wedding.  I'm so glad this works.

In other news.  I got a new computer, hopefully this means I will be updating much much more and hopefully it also means I will be more productive in general since this will move faster than my previous desktop.  I will say that that computer has been going strong since 2004 so THANK YOU to my Compaq for really stickin with me through the years.


  • Cousin Paul got "married" this past weekend, pics to come I'm sure.  He and his wife got married, went into the military (or the other way around), shipped out, and came back to have a party with family and friends.  It was wonderful! 
  • I am now 2 weeks into my workout routine.  I have been running 2.5+ miles everyday!  Today I ran 3.3, I'm getting the hang of this running thing!  Yay! 
  • I am unsure of what percentage I am at for Beechpoint, but will soon find out so I can keep everyone more informed! 
  • ArtPrize starts very very soon...maybe even today...I need to pre-register!
and most awesome of them all....
  • Sean and I got our engagement pictures done a few Sundays ago and Sandy our AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHER has them done and is going to send me the disc so I can put them up here...and show them off, they are AWESOME, I'm trying not to overuse this word, but really...incredible.  Here's a BLOG PREVIEW of the pics!! Check them out and tell me what you think!  

Blessings for now.  More pics to come when i get my computer all sync-ed up to my external.  

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 3...

...of Get Liz Fit for Her Wedding!  

So far so good, welll, so good might be a stretch...

Occurance 1:  Decided I would go FULL OUT on Day 1 and run for like an hour, which turned out to be only 50 and really only ran for maybe 30 minutes with speedwalking in between.  Because I decided to go FULL OUT on DAY 1: Soreness. In places and muscles I care not to be sore.  Yikes.

Occurance 2:  Decided I would NOT GO full out on Day 2.  Instead I went to Daniel's house and used his ab lounge.  Little did I know, you can get MOTION SICK from an Ab lie.  So after 10 straight minutes of a quick pace crunch/sit up on this ab "lounge" I thought I my dinner would reappear on Daniel's floor.  

Which brings us up to Day 3 of the 90, did I mention 90!!, day workout plan.  (hopefully it'll be everyday til my wedding which is in 246 days). 

Today went just fine. 
Just the average, run of the mill, I'm-so-tired-but-need-to-work-out-to-look-like-a-babe-for-my-wedding workout routine.

You know, just like that.  Ran 2.5 miles while Sean lifted weights and also while watching Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events.  Not a great quality flick, to me, but hey entertaining enough. 

So here I am, about to embark on the day 4.  Sean says it only takes 28 days to get into the habit of doing something, I'm hoping that is the truth, but really, I doubt I'm ever going to feel like sweating like a crazy person, running til my legs feel like they might fall off, and the second day soreness, which might be eternal at this rate.  Alas, I will press on.  I will continue in this quest for fitness.  

in other news: big weekend ahead. 

Engagement Pictures on Sunday.  Sister's Birthday on Sunday.  Everything on Sunday really.  

in other other news:  

I am on Twitter.  You can follow me at LizJoo5 or you can search for me by name: Elizabeth Bierlein.  Either way.  I have not yet learned the intricacies of such a micro-social network, but I'm working on it.  Pointers?  Give 'em over.

Thanks friends, I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Date Night!

Sean and I went on a date. momentous. 

generally we have no money and can't fit it in our schedules, but really no money, but we splurged.  At a little place called Olives!
*located in swanky East GR*
(we felt like posers and fakes, but we had a coupon, what were we to do?)

Main Entree: 
Liz - Chicken Capellini: lemony deliciousness
Sean - Skirt Steak: bacony meaty goodness
Liz - Piesporter
Sean - Founder's Pale Ale
Rating 1-10 scale 1 being the worst 10 being the best ever:
(drumroll please)
8. for sure an 8.  It was quite expensive even with our coupon, but it was a good date night.
for sure  ;) 

We've got to go on these things more often.
in my effort to do so, rewards/eclubs galore!  Just signed up for Logan's and TGIFridays. Cheap? Yes
Deals? Yes please
More dates? Most definitely

we chatted about art (my fiancee is definitely an artist.lovely.) 
beechpoint full time
life together
love. <3

And for the past 3 hours since returning from our date:  Wedding planning, this is the life.