Saturday, November 28, 2009

man o man.

Can I ever catch a break?

Nah, I'm being more dramatic than I think is necessary, but yeah let me just tell you a story (a story...finally!!!)

Last night, while sitting down to thanksgiving #2 - a plethora of leftovers...I get a phone call from my roommate Stindall (Sara Tindall). She goes on to inform me that she is with the police and says that our house got broken into....

heart, dropped.


yeah, so i guess our house got broken into...our laptops stolen (3 in total), some dvds, some other random stuff...CRAZY.

I guess it's just so weird to even think that someone was hanging out in my room, rummaging through my stuff and in my personal space, while i don't mind this from friends, relatives, even people that I somewhat trust...I can't believe a stranger did. It's just so unsettling to me, so unnerving. I know that's just something that comes with the neighborhood we live in, the work that i'm going into, and whatnot, it's just reality, but it's still scary and always will take me by surprise knowing that there are people out there that are corrupt and selfish. It's unfortunate and sad, but it's humanity...I'm going to just pray for them and hope that their hearts are turned...and if not, then it just happens and life will go on. We're all ok, though Stinds did walk in on them...whoa, and God is still good.

Anyways, kind of a distracted post, but there's my story. life.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

bad blogger?

turns out i'm terrrrriibbblee at this blogging thing. I never post when i should and rarely have any great stories to tell, i don't know why i can't really think of any good stories or whatnot, but meh, i'll keep at it and see how it goes.

story 1: I'm in'd think city, but no, it's just a little northeast of Buffalo, so it's kinda like Michigan. i'm here visiting family with Sarah and it's pretty good, low key...we're going to watch Star Trek really soon and it'll be good. We are going to go shopping tomorrow probably at some point and then just continue hanging out. It's pretty sweet. I'm enjoying Thanksgiving.
story 2: I'm getting my support letters written and hopefully getting them out soon. I have to get them all printed off and mailed, but that's the slight update on the support front.

story 3: If this interests you at all, I want to go to the Philippines this March. here's the catch, I'm broke 1 and 2 I am also trying to raise support for working full time at Beechpoint. SOOO, I think i'm going to try and get the money by asking on Facebook, blogspot, and any other social networking again, if you're interested please feel free to send me some money to get myself to the Philippines where I will be helping with a camp and with Vacation Bible schools. Address: 1801 Union Ave Se, GR MI, 49507 . :D Thanks! We'll see what happens and I believe that if the Lord wants me to go, I will. :)

story 4: I have really enjoyed living in Grand Rapids thus far, I'm sure it'll only continue to get better. I really like my new friends, spending time with my boyfriend, my pie company job, living with stinds and tiff (I know i wrote this in the first post, but really...), and getting involved in Calvary as much as possible. MSM, Missio, and just sitting in on the teachings of Samra has been incredible. I'm really blessed.