Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Artprize and Beechpoint

PRAY for the people of the Philippines. Their homes and streets are flooded from the typhoon that recently and still may be hitting. Many of the people that we worked with have lost everything!! It breaks my heart to hear the news and the death toll rise. Pray for God's provision and for the ministries that reside there trying to help with relief work. Pray for aid from anywhere they can get it. And pray for those who have lost possessions and more importantly people. Lord, please be with the Philippines and its people. You are Good.

WELL It's about time for my second post.

Things to CHECK OUT!

Now - OCT 10: Artprize is going on in downtown Grand Rapids and it is a great time!! It's really cool because it feels like such a unifying experience or common thing for the city of Grand Rapids and its residents. I know Chicago has all of its festivals and whatnot and maybe it's because GR is a bit smaller, but it's so fun just hanging out downtown and seeing the creativity that so many people possess. There's really something for everyone...even if you aren't a huge art appreciator. There's the "Loch Ness Monster" in the river, peace signs everywhere, and more framed art than you could imagine! You should check it out if you're around here...here's a link....

Here's one of the entries - Scott Gundersen's My Wife in Wine Corks. Can be seen at San Chez. Not necessarily my fave, but it gives you a taste of what there could be there! So...check it out to see more!


OCT 10: Beechpoint's 50th Celebration Banquet and Alumni Lunch event!!! I'm working on a slideshow as I write this, well actually, I'm sorta procrastinating on it, but I will be working on it more after this post! Everyone who is affiliated with Beechpoint or affiliated with someone who is affiliated with Beechpoint should come and celebrate with us! It's going to be a great time to reflect on what God has/is/will be doing with Beechpoint's ministry in the lives of so many! COME!!!

OK, I have to get back to it. Life is good. God is better. Happppy trails friends!

Friday, September 11, 2009

...and I'm in.

So I just got sucked into
this because I want to follow other peoples' blogs.

So I got one for myself, plus, I have stuff to talk about I guess.

Things I am doing with my life right now:
  • working at Grand Traverse Pie Company
  • hopefully working at East Hills Athletic Club to offset my work at the Grand Traverse PIE company...
  • moved from Chicago to Grand Rapids
  • working on raising full time support for Beechpoint Christian Camp to be the Michigan Follow Up Director
  • hanging with my boyfriend Sean a lot
  • loving living with Stindall and Tiffany
  • loving having my sister nearby again
  • attending/volunteering at Calvary Church

This is really all I have to say right now. I am going to hopefully use this as a place where my friends and family can follow my life, my journey through support raising, and God's ministry in my life.

The. End.