Wednesday, October 27, 2010

.memory lane.

A trip down memory lane today...ok so not too far down memory lane, but still.  

SNEAK PEEK:  my loot for the day.

For the past four years I've gone to the Philippines with Moody Bible Institute's PCM Dept, but more like Papi Nathan and the crew (Ilene, BR Butler, Nora, Eric, and many other friends).  

SOOO now, I've moved to Grand Rapids, away from all of these people (I know i'm being a bit nostalgic) with a common shared experience:  Living and hanging out in the Philippines *2 weeks at a time*.  

...............bottom line....................

I MISS THE PHILIPPINES, but more importantly the people there and friends I go with, and thinking I might not be able to go this year is a bit crushing.  I wish Sean and I could find a way to go, but alas, if it doesn't work out, I have a feeling we'll make it there at some point...soon.  Can't wait too long.

ANYHOW.  So I was searching online for Asian stores to buy a rice cooker - when I have money.   SO I found one called Asian Delight Market.  They have Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Thai foods/flavors.  

So naturally I went to the Filipino section ;) ha.  I found these treasures: 

Palabok is a Filipino dish that we see @ Jollibee (phils mcdonald's)

Banana Sauce = Filipino Ketchup!! - shoulda bought some

MILO!  Chocolatey goodness anyone?

Pancit Canton - one of my first intros to Filipino food! YUuummmYYY.

Overall, it was insane, I walked up and down the aisles looking longingly at all of this awesome food, wishing I were back in the PI.  I miss the friends, the warmth, the faith, the love, and the simplicity of life there.  

Let's go back please? 

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