Thursday, November 11, 2010



.i love you. 

so as you can tell it is sean's birthday today.  WOO HOO...(oh look how fitting - 12:00am).  
On this day (November 12, 1988) Baby Sean entered the world and 22 years later my heart (commence with the oohs and aahs).
We are celebrating by going to Big Bob's Pizza with a bunch of friends and then to my apartment to play games and whatnot, it's going to be a blast.
So. In honor of Sean I will now give a list of the things I love about him.
(sorry this is totally mushy....oh well, you know you like it)
  • The man is loyal, not to a fault, because, well, I don't think it's a bad thing!  He is incredibly wonderful and thoughtful of me.
  • Sean is an INCREDIBLE teacher.  I can't wait til he gets in his own class and can really do his thing! 
  • He is suuuper creative, i think that goes without saying....after all, he painted me a picture of the Philippines when we thought I wouldn't be able to go last year!  Thoughtful + Creative = Sean.
  • He really really cares about his family and people in general.  He doesn't like to hurt feelings, he doesn't like to disappoint, he really values everyone!
  • Sean is such an awesome spiritual leader.  He realllly loves the Lord, loves to learn more about Him, and lead us in prayer.
  • He is so perceptive.  He can tell when there's something wrong and when I'm sad or excited or you name it.  
  • He is soo soo soo incredibly loving.
Well, now that's done, last thing to say is: 
I am a very, very blessed woman.

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