Thursday, September 23, 2010

4 MILES...GT Pie people...and a Mac!

.an update in categories.  lots of words, no pics, WORTH READING...i hope.

4 Miles. 
Elizabeth Joo Ann Bierlein (soon to be Thelen) has run four miles straight. by straight i'm sort of lying. I did walk in there for like...three minutes, but not bad eh?  I'm only just beginning. 

so as you can tell, my workout routine is becoming just that. A routine.  haven't lost my goal of 30lbs, BUT feeling more toned and more energized.  This counts for something.

maybe someday i'll run a 5k or a 10k or do a sprint tri. that'd be fun.  this habit is really opening up some possibilities here...

GT Pie.
If you work in a customer service type job, you'll know what I'm talking about for this next update. 

SOMETIMES there are customers who you could basically live without and other times there are customers who are just the best people and really BRIGHTEN your day.  

...I had customers in BOTH of those categories today...
I will not divulge about the former, but the latter, I will explain.  

A lady named, well I'll call her K, came in today and she was just so so so happy.  I think she was a little bit older, not super old, but maybe 25 or so.  She comes up to the register where I am holding post and she just starts having the nicest conversation with me.  She attends a nearby college and she is just SO excited about the chance to go to college.  She is telling me how proud of her her family is and how her boyfriend bought her a cute little netbook for doing work on and well, it was SO REFRESHING.  Later I went into the dining room to clean and she was there studying.  She said to me, "wow this sandwich smells so good, i can't wait to eat it. Thank you so much!"  All in all, it was awesome to see her so excited about learning and about life and about people.  She's going somewhere with that attitude.  A great boost to a relatively boring day.

to complain for a sec about the former...we only accept punches on the punch card for pie. not cake. we are the pie company. the end.

but not quite yet: 
I am the proud owner of a little macbook.  i love it dearly. it has already helped me complete a newsletter and numerous other, at one time, time consuming - overwhelming, tasks.  Thank you Apple for your undying devotion to awesome products. 

.the. .end. 


  1. Here's an ode to Apple


  2. I'm so proud of you, love. You're doing great! Doing Beechpointy stuff should be fun, and it seems like it really is now. :)