Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Liz and Sean Gettin' Hitched + UPDATES

Here's the wedding countdown for our wedding.  I'm so glad this works.

In other news.  I got a new computer, hopefully this means I will be updating much much more and hopefully it also means I will be more productive in general since this will move faster than my previous desktop.  I will say that that computer has been going strong since 2004 so THANK YOU to my Compaq for really stickin with me through the years.


  • Cousin Paul got "married" this past weekend, pics to come I'm sure.  He and his wife got married, went into the military (or the other way around), shipped out, and came back to have a party with family and friends.  It was wonderful! 
  • I am now 2 weeks into my workout routine.  I have been running 2.5+ miles everyday!  Today I ran 3.3, I'm getting the hang of this running thing!  Yay! 
  • I am unsure of what percentage I am at for Beechpoint, but will soon find out so I can keep everyone more informed! 
  • ArtPrize starts very very soon...maybe even today...I need to pre-register!
and most awesome of them all....
  • Sean and I got our engagement pictures done a few Sundays ago and Sandy our AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHER has them done and is going to send me the disc so I can put them up here...and show them off, they are AWESOME, I'm trying not to overuse this word, but really...incredible.  Here's a BLOG PREVIEW of the pics!! Check them out and tell me what you think!  

Blessings for now.  More pics to come when i get my computer all sync-ed up to my external.  


  1. i think ive said this already but i love your engagement pics! girl, i miss you so much and wish we were closer to each other and could plan wedding stuff together.

    have an amazing wednesday!!

  2. you are stunning. those pictures are perfect and wonderful and full of so much love. which is great since i totally suggested you marry sean within minutes of meeting him...ya marriage is great! you two should try it!!!
    love you!