Thursday, September 2, 2010

Date Night!

Sean and I went on a date. momentous. 

generally we have no money and can't fit it in our schedules, but really no money, but we splurged.  At a little place called Olives!
*located in swanky East GR*
(we felt like posers and fakes, but we had a coupon, what were we to do?)

Main Entree: 
Liz - Chicken Capellini: lemony deliciousness
Sean - Skirt Steak: bacony meaty goodness
Liz - Piesporter
Sean - Founder's Pale Ale
Rating 1-10 scale 1 being the worst 10 being the best ever:
(drumroll please)
8. for sure an 8.  It was quite expensive even with our coupon, but it was a good date night.
for sure  ;) 

We've got to go on these things more often.
in my effort to do so, rewards/eclubs galore!  Just signed up for Logan's and TGIFridays. Cheap? Yes
Deals? Yes please
More dates? Most definitely

we chatted about art (my fiancee is definitely an artist.lovely.) 
beechpoint full time
life together
love. <3

And for the past 3 hours since returning from our date:  Wedding planning, this is the life.

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